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The herpes Virus is quite tricky. Despite the fact that its outward manifestations are fairly easy to handle, the virus excrete almost impossible. It can only be permanently suppressed. And physicians are already not the first year looking for a way to completely get rid of this virus. And, it seems that the way is finally found.

A Group of American researchers from the University of California found a rather interesting mechanism that uses in its life virus. And the impact on him could be the key to victory over the cold sores. In experiments similar in structure and "behavior" of CMV revealed that after introduction into the cell, the main protein of the virus decays over a few hours, but new copies of the virus appear only after 24-48 hours. At this stage, "blocking" effect of the immune system is a protein рр71.

The same mechanism and behavior of the herpes virus. He, too, for their own sinister purposes uses the same protein рр71. He, along with a copy of the virus's genetic material is introduced into cells, after which bloqueda the work of a number of enzymes which destroy foreign DNA and RNA. Due to this virus feels quite comfortable inside the cell, reproduces, comes out and repeats this cycle.

In Addition, it became known that pp71 is not only blocks fermentov, but induces the synthesis of protein IE1, which starts a process to reproduce copies of the virus. What structure of a protein IE1 scientists and tried to change. During a series of experiments on animals it was found that the modified protein just does not start the reproduction of copies, which causes the breakdown of viral particles and complete destruction of the virus.

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