AI can detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms appear


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AI can detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms appear

Different groups of scientists from all over the world are working to as soon as possible to learn of the coming of Alzheimer's disease patients. The fact is that the sooner the disease is detected, the more effective might be a package of measures to curb its development. Well, patients, in turn, get much more time to arrange his Affairs before they lose a large part of cognitive functions. To help physicians in this time came the artificial intelligence, which, as it turned out, it is possible to detect the disease years before the appearance of the first symptoms.

To Create an algorithm to identify patients managed researchers from the Italian University of Bari. The system was carefully studying MRI scans of the human brain, and notes on tiny structural changes, characteristic of this neurodegenerative disease. Artificial intelligence trained on the basis of 67 scans, 38 of which belonged to sick people, and 29 healthy. The researchers divided the scans into small regions and given the AI's ability to carefully analyze neural connections between them.

After the training was completed, the system experienced a further 148 volunteers. Among them were 48 people already suffering from Alzheimer's disease and 48 people with mild cognitive impairments that eventually, years later, result in this disease. Artificial intelligence successfully diagnosed the disease in 86% of cases that is an indicator. At the moment, scientists are focused on how to improve the accuracy of his work, and for that they need a new group of patients and additional MRI scans. The researchers believe that their system will become widespread in diagnostic medicine.

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