Russian robot surgeon ready for mass production


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Russian robot surgeon ready for mass production

There is little doubt that robot-assisted surgery over time, if not replace «common», that will go with it hand in hand. Long known about the success of the Da Vinci robot, which has already performed many operations. But domestic medicine also does not stand still, and, according to the Minister of health, first domestic robot surgeon is ready for serial production.

This statement Veronika Skvortsova made at the conference «Biotekhmed». It is worth noting that full-scale work on the Russian robot-surgeon started 2 years ago. During this time, the technology used in the production were brought to mind, and has successfully held a series of clinical trials. On assurance of the head of the Ministry of health,

«the First Russian robot now brought to the industrial level, it already allows you to remotely operate, in particular, to carry out complex operations in the abdominal cavity in Vladivostok, in Moscow. In the venue operations assistants need to be General surgeons. Now this is an amazing device, which is not inferior to Da Vinci, but it is smaller, lighter. Actually portable, and also has a lot of advantages».

Despite a number of contradictions related to the use of robots as surgeons, their application has proved highly effective. Worldwide «hard» employs hundreds of robots Da Vinci. Only in the Russian Federation there are about 30 pieces. In addition to the obvious benefits to the patient, when it can operate a qualified doctor located thousands of miles away, robot-assisted surgery has several other advantages: the operations are less traumatic, postoperative complications are much less, and the patient during the rehabilitation period is shorter.



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