Created a cooling mask for the face, which will make extractions painless


2017-01-26 22:15:00




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Created a cooling mask for the face, which will make extractions painless

Many people are afraid of dentists. Despite the abundance of drugs for anesthesia, even the most strong-spirited one, the sound of a drill can cause anxiety and fear. There is a group of people who for whatever reason can not use anaesthesia, but they found salvation. Currently in dental clinics in the UK are testing a new facial mask with cooling effect. Due to the simple physiological effect of this mask can reduce pain, and also has more advantages compared to «traditional» methods.

First and foremost, the new mask that snugly fits the face because of exposure to cold not only reduces the sensitivity but also prevents the development of edema, and bleeding during surgery on the oral cavity. As you know, the teeth extraction induces a powerful immune response, blood vessels dilate, causing bleeding, bruising and swelling. Sometimes patients have so-called lockjaw — a spasm of the chewing muscles, not allowing a few days normally to open his mouth.

The Mask is superimposed exactly on the face, leaving open the eyes, mouth and nose. It can be connected to the tube feeding cold water. The low temperature constricts blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the damaged area and reducing the inflammatory response, wherein the face mask provides a continuous supply of cold water for as long as there is a need. Studies have shown that, at the moment using the new mask is indeed possible to significantly reduce the pain and postoperative complications.

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