Harley-Davidson rushes in Silicon valley


2018-09-11 12:30:07




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Development of vehicles running on solar energy, it is not new. However, if the electric cars we have long been accustomed, here designed for children and teenagers is not so common. But soon things can change, after all, one of the leaders of mataranka, Harley-Davidson, plans to develop electric motorcycles, attracting talented developers from Silicon valley.

In fact, representatives of matagigantes thinking about the production of electric motorcycles in 4 years ago, starting with the development of prototype Livewire. And this summer Harley-Davidson announced that they are planning to create and release about 100 models of electric motorcycles in the next 10 years. To implement such an ambitious project and wants to involve experts from Silicon valley. According to the chief engineer Vance Stryder

"To the end of the year we would like to open a specialized research center in Silicon valley and we are looking for people for whom electrotransport is a passion. Those people who understand how it works, what makes it unique and how to make the best elektromototsikl."

Fans of motorcycles and biker culture should not worry about the fact that with the departure from gasoline engines to electric power will disappear and the unique sound of the bikes. Sound imitation can not wait, but the sound will change, though, will still be "unique and recognizable.". At the moment the company makes a huge bet on elektrobayka. As stated in interview Techcrunch, the operating Director of motokhana Michelle Kumble and Vice-President bill Davidson

"Livewire — this is just a sample of the pen. We're going to break into the market with a large number of new models that will differ in size, power and price. Electric motorcycles are the future of the company. For the development of new products, we have allocated $ 180 million, and the first models will be available in 2019."

How do you feel about the transition of transport to the motors? Have your say in our


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