Launched the most ambitious mission to clean the ocean from plastic waste


2018-09-09 16:00:07




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Pollution of the oceans with plastic waste in recent years is increasing concern among ecologists. This threatens not only the survival of marine species, but also for the entire planet as a whole. And literally this weekend at the port of Los Angeles launched a very ambitious mission to clean the world's oceans.

According to reports today in the waters of the world ocean swims about 350 million tons of plastic waste. The main problem with plastic debris is that it is extremely diverse and small. And it is very difficult to collect. In order to solve this problem, scientists thought that a good solution would be to install barriers that will help to concentrate the plastic in one place in order to then collect it. With this purpose, from one of the Los Angeles ports comes the ship Ocean Cleanup with more than 600 meters of light swimming tubes on Board.

"for the First time such a device would be tested in the laboratory and in real conditions. But if the experiment succeeds — we will have a real opportunity to get rid of the "plastic plague." — said project developers

The pipes have special tools for pulling and collecting debris. He needs to get into these "traps" and settle down, and then will need to produce his collection. With all the advantages, there is at the moment the project has some "white spots". For example, it is still not clear what effect the device on the existence of marine life or how the pipe "survive" the storm.

"We are sure that if successful with our technology, you can remove from the ocean to half of the total plastic garbage for 5 years, and by 2040 the World's oceans can be cleared by 90%."

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