How does it work? | Ship lift


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How does it work? | Ship lift

The ship's hoist — it is a kind of Elevator for vessels, alternative shipping gateways, which we described in the last issue. The first experimental ship lift for lifting and lowering of boats was designed by James Fossella in 1796 and began to be erected as part of the Dorset and Somerset canal in England. However, this project was never completed. Later the same scheme was implemented as part of the Grand Western canal in Britain and was commissioned in 1835. Currently, there are about 50 existing slipways, one of which is in our country — in Krasnoyarsk. What are slipways and how they work — this was in today's issue!


The Most popular are the slipways in which the ship moves afloat — in a special mobile chamber filled with water. The ship swims into the camera, and it locks watertight closures. After that, depending on the type of ship's hoist the camera moves on a slant, vertically or at all with the spinning wheel. In this case, along with the ship you have to raise a huge amount of water in the chamber. However, according to Archimedes ' principle the weight of the vessel in the chamber is equal to the weight of water displaced by it. Consequently, the weight of the camera is always the same. This allows a precise adjustment of the counterweights to work on moving ships was to work against the friction forces.

Consider the principle of operation of the inclined slipways on the example of Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Russian lift is a platform with the electric drive train moves on rails, toothed gearing and track width of 9 meters. Traction for the movement of the camera created using the 156 piston sudomotor power up to 75 kW. Each of the rails of the track relies on a separate flyover. For loading of the lift platform is lowered below water level, and tow vehicle gets into the camera. When all the prep work is finished, sodawas slowly begins to climb the mountain. The speed of the lift is 20 feet per minute. On top is a rotary device, which is designed to transform ship-carrying the camera from one channel to another or on the repair site. Turning in the right direction, sodawas releases the vehicle from the camera, and it continues its voyage.

No less interesting is the installation of vertical ship lift. As the name suggests, ships in it move vertically up or down similar to the traditional lift. The camera with water, hanging on ropes and balanced by a counterweight, or are driven by the principle of a hydraulic press.

But the most unusual are rotating slipways, working on the principle of the Ferris wheel. Court they moved in two chambers suspended from a large wheel that rotates around its axis. At the moment the world's only rotating boat hoist, which is the Falkirk wheel in Scotland. The difference in height between the two channels it connects, is 24 meters. In the process, the wheel raises and lowers two containers filled with water, with carrying capacity of 300 tons each.



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