Fly Elephant: first flying 3D printer


2018-03-08 20:00:04




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Fly Elephant: first flying 3D printer

It would Seem than can surprise manufacturers of 3D printers, even if liquid metal can be used for printing? But the Chinese company DediBot all the same managed to do something unique: flying a 3D printer Fly Elephant. Well, if you want a drone with built-in 3D printing.

The six rotor Fly Elephant with the three-dimensional printing Open-ended Additive Manufacturing (OAM), which can output through a special extruder plyboy material for three-dimensional printing. In addition, the device is quite accurate and allows the printing accuracy of 0.1 mm.

In Addition, a flying 3D printer can be used in conjunction with other such devices. Roy such printers can create a single part from different materials. While the advantage of this approach is that the size of the final product is not limited work space as most desktop 3D printers.

Have a drone and a significant drawback: low duration of batteries. But the company DediBot plans to equip the device with wireless charging technology. In any case, the presented model is only a test sample and the Chinese continue to improve and develop the device, which at the moment seems very promising. Imagine a swarm of drones on their own, "prints" buildings and other architectural objects almost without human intervention!



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