#CES 2018 | the Visitors had to spend several hours in the dark


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#CES 2018 | the Visitors had to spend several hours in the dark

A Few hours ago one of the largest technology exhibitions in the moment, the Las Vegas Convention Center, are actually frozen. The fact that the premise of almost 58 thousand square meters of unexpectedly plunged into darkness at CES 2018 he cut the electricity! Only a few dozen wireless speakers, battery operated, and some parked in the premises of Tesla cars somehow pointed to the fact that there comes one of the most important technological events of the year.

Media at the exhibition, report that outage in southern and Central hall began at about 11.15 a.m. local time, and fully restore the light failed after two hours.

The Outage was caused not only negative emotions among the participants and visitors of the exhibition, but also jokes, sometimes very poignant.

"It's all due to the fact that there are too many d*RMA", — said one of the guards of the exhibition about the local blackout.

"And I like it. Now my eyes can relax a bit", — added Tiffany SANCO representing the Polaroid company.

"It's very strange. Heads are definitely gonna fly", — said the representative of the company Monster. – "And we will return the money?" — added standing next to.

"guilty It will cost thousands of dollars. And when you consider the cost of rent, work and all failed because of this, business meetings...There really is painted every minute. No, after that seemed to fly someone's head."

The More forward-looking companies such as Canon, Nikon, Samsung and Casio, as it turned out, has suffered less than others, as pre-prepared backup generators. However, according to the comments of the participants, Casio and Nikon decided not to use them, as the visitors apparently just got lost in the dark and to their stand during the shutdown so no one came.

"I've been here 27 times and have never had anything like that" — commented ed hunter, working in the pavilion of Samsung. On his face was clearly marked by a deep dissatisfied with what is happening.

Some participants, as is reported, was very disappointed by the incident because, they said, suffered "damage" to their business, because scheduled for this meeting had to be cancelled.


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