NVIDIA introduced a new generation of gaming graphics cards GeForce RTX 2000


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NVIDIA introduced a new generation of gaming graphics cards GeForce RTX 2000

The day before Gamescom 2018 — the annual international exhibition of computer games, traditionally held in the German city of Cologne – NVIDIA and their chief Jen-sun Huang unveiled the long-awaited new generation of graphics accelerators. New 20-series graphics cards performs under the RTX. And in this title, as it turned out, enclosed a hidden meaning, describing the technology, which is fully implemented in the new maps.

According to the official website of NVIDIA, with all the capabilities of the new GPU architecture NVIDIA Turing and revolutionary platform RTX, RTX series graphics cards 20 combine the technology of ray tracing (ray tracing technology) to real-time artificial intelligence and programmable shaders.

Ray Tracing was available in the past. But its creation took a lot of resources, and the technology is mainly realized through software tools. In a new series of graphics cards NVIDIA RTX this technology to a new level, since its implementation is allocated a separate physical blocks to ensure the calculation of the desired lighting effects in real time. For the best tracing on the GPU Turing added a new special NVIDIA kernel RT that provide a multiple increase in the speed of calculation of the movement of the rays. Thanks to this scene on the screen become more natural. For example, being in the game and going into a dark room you will see not just a dark room, and the room full of shadows, play of light that make the picture more real and alive. In addition, the technology allows you to create realistic reflections and distortions of light sources.

With the announcement of new graphics cards NVIDIA decided to use the new scale calculation performance using ray tracing. During the presentation, Juan showed some examples of ray tracing, as well as new rendering methods using the RTX-series graphics cards for example, dynamic scenes created by NVIDIA engineers.

Then Juan went on to demonstrate the capabilities of new graphics cards under real conditions, i.e. in games. As an example, were introduced to new products awaiting release: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Battlefield V and Metro Exodus.

In the first game impression on the audience at the presentation the audience made the penumbra generated in real time in dark scenes. Metro Exodus showed how realistic the sun's rays penetrate the dark room. Using the RTX technology, the rendering of light is much more precise, allowing game developers to use when creating locations in the games. For example, hiding enemies and objects for which you do not need to illuminate the entire room unrealistic.

The demonstration of Battlefield V was display perhaps the most obvious work technology RTX. Reflections from the explosions and fire very nicely displayed in the mirrored surfaces of adjacent objects, like cars, tanks and so on. When switched off, technology RTX treatment of these effects was carried out much worse.

The number of graphics cards includes three new GeForce models: 2080 Ti RTX, RTX, RTX 2070 and 2080. All three products are presented in the standard version, and FOUNDERS EDITION. All three products received a new universal reference design of the cooling system, now using two fans.

The Flagship solution RTX 2080 4352 Ti is equipped with CUDA cores, has 11 GB of GDDR6 memory standard with a 352-bit bus and the bandwidth 616 GB/s. At the moment, this is the fastest gaming solution for the consumer market. The statements of Juan, its performance can be up to 6 times higher than the top solutions 10-series GeForce. Frequency in Boost mode this model is 1545 MHz (from 1635 FOUNDERS EDITION). For the new NVIDIA recommends a power supply of 650 watts. The card has two power connectors 8+8 pin. The basic version of the card consumes up to 250 watts. FOUNDERS EDITION – up to 260 watts.

The Following is the model RTX 2080 working on Boost-the frequency of 1710 MHz (FOUNDERS EDITION – 1800 MHz). Novelty is equipped with 2944 CUDA cores and will be offered in versions with 8 GB standard memory GDDR6 (256-bit). Memory bandwidth — 448 GB/s. Recommended power supply capacity of 650 watts. The basic version of the card can consume up to 215 watts, FOUNDERS EDITION – up to 225 watts. Power system – 8+6 pin in both cases.

The Last the third RTX 2070. Card offers Boost-the frequency of 1620 MHz (1710 in version FOUNDERS EDITION) and equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM (256-bit) with a maximum capacity of 448 GB/s For power-the map need 175 watts of power (185 W for FOUNDERS EDITION). The power supply enough capacity of 550 watts.

Pre-order on the new GeForce Ti RTX and RTX 2080 2080 version FOUNDERS EDITION right now via the official NVIDIA website. The first cost is 95 990 rubles. For the second asking 63 990 rubles. Expected start of deliveries of new graphics accelerators in Russia — September 20, 2018. In addition, the site has information about the cost of GeForce RTX 2070 FOUNDERS EDITION. Pre-order on her not yet, but the price is known – 47 990 rubles. In one hand issued no more than two graphics cards.

A Regular card without the prefix FOUNDERS EDITION can be purchased cheaper by as much as $ 100. According to the information, the price will be $ 499 for the model RTX 2070, $ 699 for the model RTX 2080, and the 2080 model RTX Ti will ask from $ 999.


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