3 processor top smartphone "MacBook with a touchscreen" is presented. Support 8K


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3 processor top smartphone

Computer technology is developing most dynamically. Modern smart phones are less powerful than many computers. And every year, their capabilities increase. This is achieved in particular due to the use of new processors — CPUs, GPUs and is designed to handle video. the How much more powerful will be presented by ARM processors future leaders and innovative laptops and how many times will increase their ability to handle tasks of artificial intelligence?

Every year Companies release their new flagship smartphone. They usually complement the new chipsets. This means that the updated components of hardware devices. ARM unveiled the new kernel improved performance ("big") — Cortex-A76. In addition, it presents another GPU Mali-G76 and video processor Mali-V76 that supports a resolution of 8K, which is likely to spread in the future. More detailed ARM components were reviewed by Peter (Peter) on the resource with reference to in the context of the details published . New components will be able to find a use not only in high-end smartphones, but also in personal computers.


the superiority of the Cortex-A76 from ARM on the Cortex-A75

Compared To a Cortex-A75 manufactured in accordance with the 10-nanometer process, clocked at 2.8 GHz, manufacturing process Cortex-A76 — 7 nm and clock speed of the new kernel — 3.0 GHz. Cortex-A76, as noted, 35% more productive and 40% more energy efficient. It is based on technology DynamIQ ARM company. Because the trend of artificial intelligence, new CPUs are almost four times will increase the speed in processing of machine learning tasks. Almost doubled and memory bandwidth.

These kernel ARM are considered as components of a "class [] notebook." The first processors based on the new cores will combine two Cortex-A76 with multiple cores A55. The announcement of a new kernel does not mean that the A75 will no longer be used. A76 — a large nucleus and smaller, less expensive chipsets will continue to apply A75.


Mali-G76 — productive and energoeffektivnye graphics processor

Mali-G76 became the latest graphics processor family Bifrost. It is made in accordance with the 7-nanometer technological process. Compared to the G72 is expected to increase productivity by 50%, and energy efficiency — 30%. The performance of machine learning tasks also increases significantly — 2.7 times.


ARM introduced the Mali video processor-V76 with support for 8K

The Third new component for devices of the future — the video processor Mali-V76. It supports encoding video with a resolution of 8K at a rate of 30 frames per second, of course, if the camera device is also will support this resolution. ARM notes that the video quality will increase by 25%, which is achieved by improving the algorithm. Considering the GPU is able to decode 8K video at a speed of 60 frames per second and video resolution which is 4K — at a speed of 120 frames per second. It supports also the playback of four streams of 4K video at a speed of 60 frames per second. Reducing the resolution to 1080p, the user gets the opportunity to enjoy sixteen video streams simultaneously.


a New ARM components can be used by Apple in Project Star — a MacBook with a touchscreen

If to speak about prospects of the use of new components ARM, they can find their application not only in computers running the Microsoft Windows 10, but in another not represented by Apple device, which is called Project Star. Probably, it could be a MacBook with a touch screen, the hardware would be based on components from the ARM.

To Discuss components of the new ARM — the CPU core Cortex-A76, GPU Mali-G76, the video processor Mali-V76 — readers can .


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