Mustang ION LP — as the legendary Ford, the only player


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Mustang ION LP — as the legendary Ford, the only player

The True connoisseurs of sound you know that vinyl records have a distinctive, but they tend sound. That is why vinyl players still do not lose their relevance. They were always of interest, but when it comes to combining iconic fashion music and car, it is a legend, it takes a completely different turn.

Even the box from Mustang ION LP player for tunes on the classical way and for those times, not just when the Ford Mustang was born, and when was the Golden time of rock-n-roll. You can argue what was the Golden decade for this style of music, especially tube-like sounding it on vinyl, but it was still early when American classic was like the Ford Mustang and the world's really not even audio cassettes, not CD-ROMs.

When get the player a sense of classical music only intensified. The top surface is lacquered. On the cover caused the classic Mustang logo, and offer it as a hood under which is all the fun.

Built-in speakers on the sides too, made in classic style. But most of all nostalgic front panel, which is a large toggle radio settings and volume as well as buttons, made of chrome, and dial FM/AM tuner, made in the form of a speedometer.

“Krutilki” the volume is particularly impressive how gently they turn and they combined with the built-in arrow pointer which moves on a scale, but the background remains stationary. Technically the solution is simple, but implemented it beautifully.

The Quality of materials does not cause any issues. Outer casing plastic, but still it looks and feels very high quality, and fonts are chosen very well and look on the body as harmoniously as possible.

Built-in speakers in the design of the two. The peak power is 1.2 watts. The sound of them predictable is not the best, but to listen to the radio in General will suffice. Just don't expect miracles from these speakers, as they are very small and embedded.

But the rear panel has “tulips”, which act as line-out. Through them you can connect significantly more serious acoustics. It turns out that the choice is limited only by its availability or the amount you are willing to spend on its acquisition.

Radio is caught efficiently and the antenna is integrated in the rear part of the body. The downside is that it's not removed, but this is unlikely to interfere.

About the mechanism of reproduction of the plates is nothing special to say, as there's nothing much new to invent not work. The only thing is that, unlike many other players, felt pad is already installed, and it is not necessary to put separately, it is glued.

The Needle bar is lifted for raising the plate, and the needle protected by a cap. The speed of rotation of the plate can be changed, choosing from 33, 45, 78 rpm, so there's no problems with playing any discs. There is also a switch to automatically stop the plate at the end of playback.

In addition to playback, records can be digitized to MP3 format, in order then listen to rare recordings on other devices. On the front panel there is a USB connector which is inserted into the drive. Also connect player to the computer running Windows and MacOS.

On the opposite side of the front panel is a mini jack for headphones and AUX connection player.

Still the main feature will be the appearance that this player is clearly on top. The cost of this pleasure is 14 990 rubles at the official website of the manufacturer of that does not seem so large a sum for the official product, which is made so efficiently and in such an unusual performance.

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