BQ Intense — long-lasting smartphone from Russia


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BQ Intense — long-lasting smartphone from Russia

Domestic company BQ has in its lineup a huge number of smartphones, and it seems that every month its online store is replenished with another novelty. But the manufacturer is not just churning out units for quantities: each of them has its twist and global mission. For example, calling BQ 5005L Intense is to save us from having to run to charge every day.

At first glance on BQ Intense will certainly draw attention to the fact that this device is certainly slim not to mention: its thickness is as much of 11.6 mm. But if you look at the battery capacity, it all falls into place. 6000 mAh — that's very impressive, and immediately comes the understanding that in order to defuse this smartphone will have a try.

Decided to Meet on clothes, so let's start with BQ quality, packaging and appearance. If you at least once was holding a box with a smartphone of this brand, the packaging you little surprise: it is the usual white box with a red cardboard "dust cover". Inside the unit we were met by a charger and microUSB cable, as well as all the necessary documentation.

As for appearance, there are no illusions here should not be. The device is made of plastic and not even disguised as the premium segment. Even at a distance the phone looks budget, and if you take it in hand, it becomes obvious that more than 10,000 it is just not worth it. By the way, the price — another advantage BQ Intense, but we will focus on this later.

We have a "gold" version of the smartphone, which at a distance could be mistaken for metal, although it is necessary to take the device in hand — plastic immediately makes itself felt. At the same time, not to mention decent build quality: the design is not loose, the protective film pasted on the screen straight and without bubbles, and in General to the Assembly no complaints.

On the upper side of the body there are ports for headphones and charging. As mentioned above, the latter has a microUSB interface, which is a bit disappointing. For some reason, the USB-C wins the budget segment is extremely slow, and I would like to see that happen faster.

On the right of the chassis are the usual volume control button and lock screen, and below — two lattice dynamics. In the back we see the fingerprint scanner, which is noticeably recessed into the body, which significantly reduces his search with the index finger and the rear camera. A pleasant surprise was the fact that the camera dual. Unlike USB-C, this component, which was once only a lot of flagship models, got to the segment of inexpensive smartphones very quickly.

As for performance, everything is standard and no sensationalism. MT6737 Quad-core MediaTek with 2 GB of RAM gives their expected 33 thousand parrots in AnTuTu and 1484 in multi-core test GeekBench 4. Built-in memory brought only 16 GB but can be expanded thanks to the microSD slot. But if you don't need it, can take a slot for the second SIM card: this functionality is also provided here.

Despite the fact that the rear camera became a double, call it a breakthrough and revolutionary does not turn language. Portrait photography, which was to become the main feature of the new camera works very capricious, and to achieve the blur exactly those parts of the frame that we need have to sweat. Obviously this is imperfect software, which, we hope, the guys from BQ will not stop.

To achieve optimal quality of photos, to remove, as it always was, is recommended in conditions of natural lighting and with the right amount of light. As soon as evening comes and lights are included, appear in image noise, while the colors are less natural. This applies not only to the back of the camera, but to the front. In short, we have an ordinary budget solution, it is worth the money.

Proceed to the most pleasant. Although the BQ Intense weight is 210 grams, and in the presence of good physical fitness, this smartphone can be used as a means of self-defense, this fact has a satisfactory explanation. The smartphone has an impressive battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh, and this advantage outweighs most of the identified deficiencies.

Perhaps some of the other smartphones in the budget category and bypass BQ Intense performance or photo quality, but the fact that this unit is able to operate without recharging for two full days, in a good way makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Price of BQ Intense is 7500 rubles, which is very competitive, given the presence of dual cameras, a modern CPU and a powerful battery of 6000 mAh. And if you want to support domestic producers, then for you it will be another reason to think seriously about buying this smartphone.

Buy BQ 5005L Intense

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