Not only to traders: mobile application Alpari Mobile


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Not only to traders: mobile application Alpari Mobile

To Monitor the market and is useful to many, even if you are not a professional trader or investor. Some do it for Hobbies, others are just interesting to observe the economic situation in the country and the world (taking into account currency fluctuations a couple of years ago — is not even in vain). With the development of technology market analysis was made possible from a smartphone, especially since this is a free mobile app.

Let it not who other, as one of the largest international Forex brokers — . First and foremost, Alpari Mobile application facilitates the work of customers service, because they now have at hand all the Analytics of the Forex market: reviews and comments from the most authoritative experts, currency quotes, economic calendar, and more. The app is suitable for traders and investors of all skill levels and is absolutely free.

The Application meets the review of the market, conveniently sorted by categories. Every day, authoritative experts form the dozens of reviews, and can be read as those relating to specific subjects (trade ideas, currency market) and General overview.

Main Luggage graphic (and not only) data posted in the tab "Services". Here, market quotes, and a calendar of events, and interest rates, and exchange rates of the CBR. Data is updated in real time: no need to exit the application. So, for example, quote changes are displayed in the corresponding color. You can configure the push notification services provided in the app to be always aware of current events in the financial markets.

Access is also implemented to the personal account Alpari. You can quickly obtain current information on their accounts and investments, including PAMM-accounts and portfolios. In the next tab — financial news with a comfortable setting on the topics. For example, you can only learn news about investments or trading conditions, not to fill your head with unnecessary information. However, once a day to look through the General section will not prevent.

I Confess that I myself have been looking for a tool where, without any in-app purchases and imposed on services you can monitor the market and analyze the economic situation. The Alpari Mobile app for iPhone .


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