Twitter will block "Ilonov of Moscow", "distributing" cryptocurrency


2018-07-26 22:45:07




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If you've ever made the mistake of getting into the cesspool of responses to tweets Elon musk, you've probably ran across a cryptocurrency scams and attempts osemite honest Twitter users. Every time Elon Musk writes something in a blog, thousands of fake accounts with identical names and similar names appear in the "mensano", "giving" all kinds of altcoins, Ethereum, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Free of course, who are they paid to distribute. But there is a caveat: to get 10 or 100 times more, you need to send a few coins in the purse. It would seem, a trifle. But collectively in just one tweet scamera collect a lot of money.

It would Seem that the problem is simple. But given the historical difficulty the Twitter comply with their own rules and conditions, it is not surprising that this kryptografiska Scam has been raging for several months. Elon Musk he complained about the dominance of provocateurs into its cozy microblog, and Jack Dorsey promised to reform.

This time, looks like Twitter found a solution. Now any unverified Twitter account, which changes the display name for Elon Musk, it is automatically locked. Users will have to pass the "captcha" and specify the phone number to regain access, which significantly complicates the work of fraudsters.


And the truth is that Elon Musk gives cryptocurrency?

"as part of our ongoing effort to combat spam and malicious activity on our service, we are testing new methods of dealing with accounts that break the rules. We are constantly improving methods of detection of fraud, based on the changes in activity of spammers", said the representative of Twitter, The Verge.

Given the determination and resourcefulness of spammers, there is no doubt that they will switch to another prominent public figure, or will begin to produce bots with names E1on Mu$k. Regardless of that, decide whether Twitter is the problem, it is obvious that the company does something and makes it interesting.


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