Google is paving its own transatlantic cable to increase speed


2018-07-18 19:45:04




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Google has decided to circumvent the speed of competitors. This is not very simple. The company will have to build my own private cable across the ocean from US to France. It is these intentions, the company announced on Tuesday. The cable will be named in honor of Dunant the founder and the first Nobel peace prize Henry Dunant.

Google hopes that she will be able to use the cable already in 2020. Director of strategy of the company Jane Stowell called the route across the Atlantic, the busiest. Own cable will allow you to grow and develop this product, like Google Cloud.

As a rule, under the ocean cables, put a consortia of companies. For example, in 2016 Google has teamed up with Facebook for cabling between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We that the process of laying the cables can not be called simple. But this time the cable will belong only to Google.

Dunant will be the first transatlantic cable, which will entirely belong to one company. This could give Google a big advantage over competing Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. It is noteworthy that for Google it will be the second private cable. The first will earn in 2019. It's called Curie and connects Los Angeles and Chile.


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