The laws of the European Union can dramatically change the Internet


2018-06-22 16:00:05




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The Committee of European lawmakers voted in favor of the amendments to the laws . In particular, it has been approved article 13, which implies censorship in social networks. Internet users alarmed and worried about the fate of memes and privacy of user data.

Article 13 implies the existence of tools in social networks for scanning published images and videos that may infringe copyright. Such a scanning system is already working within YouTube to search for content that is protected by copyright.

It just So happened that everything published online is the author. For this reason, all deeply concerned, as no one would be willing to post memes and take responsibility for the use of popular images, is protected by copyright. And if it was published meme, on demand, will need to provide the agreement with the rightholder. Of course, few people have the agreement of the copyright holder to publish memes using photos of Robert Downey, Jr.

Rumor has it that Internet users are worried in vain, and no plans to abuse the law. But when it is accepted, you can apply it will be as it pleases the owners and regulatory authorities. Whether it will be accepted will be known on July 13.


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