Delight yourself with updated app!


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Delight yourself with updated app!

The Website is not only quality and interesting content on science and high technologies, but also an excellent iPhone and iPad app. The app, which is the object of our special pride, continuously improving and this week received an important update which we can not tell.

Recently, the App Store became available in version 3.0 of the app that received a number of new features. New materials in the feed were loaded much faster and was also fixed problem with smooth scroll of the tape.

The Changes were made and the comments section: we increased the font of the review and brought him to the font size in the article. In addition, if you enable the option "Large fonts", now increase font size not only in the article but in the comments. Finally, we listened to the complaints of some users and fixed the window size settings.

We should also mention that we continued to work on optimizing our application for visually impaired users. Updating the program, they will appreciate a noticeable improvement in the work of the VoiceOver, which was significantly improved.

Here's a great news we have shared with you. If you haven't installed the official iOS app I suggest to do it as quickly as possible, and if you have already installed and use — quick update!


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