The results of the first day of the conference Facebook F8: Oculus Go, updating Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


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The results of the first day of the conference Facebook F8: Oculus Go, updating Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg held a presentation in honor of the first day of the Facebook F8 conference for developers. Topics of the presentation were updates in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as the new VR headset Oculus Go. Will tell you all details.



The social network will be a function. It was called Dating Home. It will be optional, and it can be activated by clicking on the icon in the shape of a heart in Facebook app. Mark Zuckerberg said that the feature is designed to search for long and serious relationship, not fleeting acquaintances.

Another new feature, Watch Party, allows you to enjoy content together with friends, commenting on what they saw live. In addition, Facebook will have a voice «» «» and change the display of comments to the publications.

Third-Party developers will have access to Stories in Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can add a song from Spotify to their Stories.

And even Facebook introduced a feature for searching blood donors. Now the social network can register as a donor.



The App with other social networks, which is owned by Facebook, will get updated with the recommendations, but it is not the most important. The main thing is video chat. We will be able to make video calls in Instagram.

As mentioned above, we will be able to add materials to Stories from other apps and services. Adding a song to Stories, you give your friends the opportunity to find it in another service. Also, the developers can create their own AR filters.



The Facebook Messenger App will get a new design and a camera with the function of augmented reality. Appears night mode, dynamic effects, dialog and custom chats. In addition, a built-in translation feature. At the moment we do not know what languages will be supported.



We Talked about increasing security in WhatsApp. Strange, but shortly before the conference, the founder of WhatsApp, Jan koum on the cause of the weakening of the security of its product. Zuckerberg mentioned on his presentation and thanked for the work.

And if we talk about the new WhatsApp will be group video chat and support stickers from third-party developers. Most important of all, Facebook has decided to adapt the WhatsApp for business. The new feature will allow companies with great convenience to work with a large volume of messages.


Oculus Go

The New VR headset Oculus Go on sale in the first day of the conference. It costs $ 199, and all visitors to the conference will receive it as a gift. Assume that it will be much more popular than the existing headset from Oculus, which costs $ 399 and requires a powerful PC to work.

The New headset comes with 1000's of available applications and services Oculus TV which allows you to enjoy videos in virtual reality. Service created with the support of Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and Showtime. Users of headsets will be able to follow live sports and music events in virtual reality. And Facebook began working with producers of Board games to transfer them in VR.


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