"Misty" storage can be a safe alternative to cloud-based


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Working in the field of computer technologies Italian scientists create a new concept of remote distributed storage of documents, where the benefits of cloud computing would remain the same, but without the attendant security flaws cloud computing, which are generated by the fact that the documents are stored entirely on a single remote server. Instead, scientists have proposed the technique in which files do not have specific places where they would permanently reside. The data packets are in motion on the network.

Culmone Rosario (Rosario Culmone) and Maria Concetta De vivo (De Vivo Maria Concetta) from the University of Camerino noted that cloud computing contain certain aspects of risk. These aspects arise from the essence of technology. Another approach may consist in the fact that the files will have a certain storage on the server. The development team is following the "cloud" traditions, also picked up their technology, "weather" metaphor, calling it "vague". The results of the study were published by scientists in the publication of the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics.

Metaphor accurately captures the essence of the new development. After all, fog, unlike clouds, scattered in the air and finds sustainable forms, constantly before our eyes, changing their bizarre shapes. Continuous dynamics — it provides a semblance of a new approach to remote computer storage irregular natural phenomenon, which gave it its name.

As an alternative to cloud storage, the obscure store not assume file storage on a single server. Thus, it is rather the fog of files than a dense cloud. A specific location where files would be placed entirely within the new technology simply does not exist.

The New concept involves the distribution of files over public or private networks, without fixed storage locations. Thus, there is no single server which you can use to access these files. They will be available to only those users who have that right.

The New technology uses standard network protocols, but in an unusual way. Through the "virtual" buffers of Internet routers it provides endless movement of data packets and, thus, the file will not reside on the same computer.

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