In Silicon valley robots make the freshest pastries


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In Silicon valley robots make the freshest pastries

Robotic line for the production of pizzas Marta — an important and necessary employee Zume Pizza. It helps people in the kitchen to squeeze the sauce on the workpiece and spread it evenly over the entire area of the future of pizza, and then pop it into the oven. By the way, «comes» pizza's in the trucks that carry orders to customers. Each pizza lies in the individual the oven, set to specific mode in accordance with the delivery time. People in the kitchen are only four — they are concerned with computation of the filling, packing and cutting.

But these four employees will soon have to give place to other robots, because the machine never tires, never sleeps and never greedy to put in the pizza right amount of ingredients, and she's decent saves money that the company management spends on the salaries of employees. Driver Zume Pizza gets almost two times more money than his colleagues from other pizzerias and restaurants delivery, in addition, the employer pays people insurance, and refresher courses. When the kitchen company will have new robots, people transferred to other positions, and «smart things» will take the whole process of cooking pizza for yourself.

Now the startup expects that in the coming months they will be able to find robots, able to knead, roll out the dough and put the circles on the topping. In this case, the people in the kitchen Zume Pizza will cook the right amount of ingredients and creating recipes. But even these helpful robots really aren't as tough as it may seem at first glance, because they can not do without people-chefs and programmers. The latter, incidentally, make up a large part of the staff of the company.

A Small company Zume Pizza already makes about two hundred pizzas a day, but this is only the beginning, because until there are too few robots. The owners of the company that soon they will start working throughout the United States.

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