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2018-10-10 19:45:07




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With all the advantages of modern smartphones, almost all of them have the same problem: the battery, which in best case will last half a day of active use. And once new batteries are still under development or even in the form of prototypes — the solution was found in the face of external batteries. However, with the advent of the trend to wireless charging, had to change charger. And one of the first such gadgets presented by Bezalel.

The External battery got the name Prelude. It may stick to the back of the smartphone, and the device will start charging. Battery looks very nice and supports all modern devices from the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones LG, Sony and even BlackBerry. The dimensions of the gadget are 11.4 cm in length, 6.9 cm in width and 1.7 cm in thickness, and the capacity is 5,000 mAh.

Such devices have been presented before, but they are mainly used in magnets for attaching to a smartphone, making it impossible to use the battery with plastic smartphones. Here it is secured by suction cups, in contrast to the mechanical elements, and not damage the phone if you suddenly carry it without a case.

On the one hand, a similar idea may seem odd, but it has one distinct advantage: when using the conventional wireless charging you can't comfortably work on your phone. Prelude allows you to bypass this restriction, and besides, without the use of wires.

It is Worth noting that the developers themselves were not 100% sure that this charger will be necessary for someone running a campaign on Kickstarter. However, at the time of writing, the project page already has collected more than 45,000 U.S. dollars with the original plan of 20,000. Prior to the completion of the fundraising remains another 3 weeks and if you want you may well , having a curious device for personal use. Delivery Prelude is scheduled for December of this year.

How long work without recharging your phone? Let us know in our


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