In the United States are adopting the means of communication based on bone conduction


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By and large, with the development of technology systems two-way communication like walkie-talkies has not changed much. Yes, they are smaller, have increased their range, but something radically new has appeared. And so it became known that the Ministry of defense signed a contract for the implementation of the communication system, in which elements for the transmission of sound will use bone conduction. Meet: Molar Mic.

Molar in English is a common name for sixth, seventh and eighth teeth of the human jaw. And it's not just. The fact that the Molar Mic system precisely designed for mounting on the teeth. And bone conduction in this case will provide a hidden two-way communication even in high noise or in the case that the media system should be extremely quiet. Each device Molar Mic will be manufactured individually for a particular person, and after fixing on the surface of the tooth the tooth and the jaw will conduct sound vibrations directly to the inner ear. Something similar can offer some modern smartphones and nauchnikh, the only difference is that the speaker and microphone in them, so to speak, "outside the body". While the Molar Mic located inside the oral cavity.

Using this method virtually eliminates the ability to eavesdrop on what they say, "the other end". And also allows you to negotiate, well hearing surrounding sounds. Built-in waterproof microphone, according to the authors of development in the face Sonitus Technologies, registering even a quiet whisper at a sufficiently loud ambient noise. In addition to the speaker and microphone in the device Molar Mic included necklace Neckloop Tactical technique that uses Near-field magnetic induction communication for communication with the device using a magnetic field. Also, the developers claim that the first test of the system Molar Mic was very successful. It, for example, used during rescue of victims from hurricane Harvey last year.

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