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In recent years, there was already a lot of different smart technology. A mirror, piece of furniture, which we use every day, had a mass of clever prototypes, but no company to produce it was in no hurry. And now, according to TechCrunch, was presented the first intelligent mirror that actually works. Moreover, if you want you can even buy right now.

Smart mirror got a short and concise name Mirror. Recently hosted a presentation device, which became known some features and details of the structure of the smart mirror. The mirror consists, naturally, of the mirror (i.e. the mirror surface) and a large built-in LCD display, microphone, speakers and camera to ensure two-way interaction with the device. Positioned the mirror at the moment as a fitness device. In his memory there is information on more than 50 training programs in various disciplines, including cardio, strength training, yoga, Boxing, Pilates and so on.

The Mirror will be paired with wearable electronics, which provides the gadget is heart rate data, body temperature and other indicators. Based on these data, as well as personal preferences and objectives, the smart mirror will be to build a personal training program that will monitor progress. Interactive tools will provide feedback and statistics will be displayed on the screen of the mirror. As stated by the company's founder and mastermind of the Mirror Breen Putnam,

"the Mirror has a good set of hardware and brings benefits of fitness studios in your house. Individual Studio sessions are perfect for high-quality and professional training, but not all people can find the time or money. We offer a personalized experience with the best coaches worldwide, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of exercise at any time and in any place."

The Mirror is already available for purchase at a price of 1495 USD. Plus the option of buying a monthly pass with a new training program for $ 39. How it is advantageous to purchase a season ticket for private lessons in the fitness club, we can not judge, but the mirror looks really interesting. In addition, we should not forget that the Mirror is only the first step. And when will appear the solution from competitors — the price will start to fall. The Mirror project has already attracted $ 25 million investment, and the total capitalization of the company the creators of the smart mirror reached 38 million.

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