Bluenero: the first "intelligent" aquarium


2018-09-06 19:30:07




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Every day more and more technology, "smarter". And this trend has even reached such a subject as the aquarium. It would seem, than can be equipped with a glass bowl of water? It turns out that a lot of it. And the recent project called Bluenero perfectly illustrates this.

Bluenero as you might guess, though, and looks like a normal aquarium, but is crammed with technologies, it literally eyeballs. First, it is very important for any aquarium owner, the gadget is equipped with an automatic water purification system. This means that manual cleaning would be needed much less frequently, limited, for the most part, replacement filters. In addition, the aquarium takes care of its inhabitants: the design includes a system of sensors and sensors that monitor the acidity of the water and its mineral salt composition, if necessary, adjusting it and sending a notification to your smartphone in a critical situation. This, of course, there are modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which operate in conjunction with the already mentioned app on your smartphone.

Using the app you can also monitor the level of contamination and to change the highlighting color. In the aquarium built camera, with which you can watch the fish in the distance. Of course, there is a special compartment with the food, which delivers food on schedule or on-demand applications. And, finally, price. For a small version with a volume of 60 liters will have to pay 399 USD, and a 100-gallon tank — 549 dollars. The first deliveries are scheduled for summer-autumn of next year.

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