Magic Leap shows the work of augmented reality glasses called the release date


2018-07-13 12:45:06




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More than once on pages of our site we you about the headset of augmented reality Magic Leap. We even know the approximate device. Left to find out the release date and see the device in action.

Recall that at the moment a full-fledged consumer product augmented reality is not. There are, of course, Microsoft Holo Lens with goggles, but they are generally little known. Start-up Magic Leap has received nearly 2 billion dollars of investments from large IT companies, among which there are Google.

So the first of delivery, which is called One, starting this summer. The sale will go version Creator Edition. In addition to the AR-glasses set will include a computing module that is attached to the belt. Also became known some technical details. «On Board» the headset is a chip from NVIDIA Tegra X2 with 3 CPU — Quad core ARM A57, Denver 2 dual-core and GPU based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture with 256 CUDA cores.

In addition, the developers showed how working at the moment a prototype of the glasses Magic Leap. As a demonstration, used Dodge — it is technodance showing how the device reacts to the situation and recognize the user gestures. Estimated kit price not to exceed $ 1,000, and in the work of the device you can see for yourself thanks to the video available below.


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