Robot Sally is able to do a thousand salads


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Robot Sally is able to do a thousand salads

Until the silly «bags of bones» continue to repost on social networks salad recipes in a hurry, the robots already , with the move offering customers more than a thousand different types of salads. Development of the company Chowbotics able to whittle them almost unaided and owing to this property, have been able to attract investors who have invested in robot cook Sally five million dollars.

However, a dream helper in the kitchen is early, because in its current state Sally in an apartment not exactly fit, but this beauty is perfect for food service establishments and soon will be able to cut the salads in restaurants, cafes, hotels and hospital cafeterias.

Deepak Sekar, the head Chowbotics, I am sure that their robots will go on sale later this spring, and predicts the imminent appearance of such devices in ordinary houses, just first you need to wait a bit. About how it was with home PC. First came the big cars, then their size has decreased, and as a result personal computer easily fits in a small box the size of a flash drive.

Robots Sally already employed in several restaurants in California and San Francisco. There are already a few weeks will begin «Intern».

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