Designed "indestructible" drone with flexible framework


2017-03-10 17:00:04




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Even if you are very good with my quadcopter, there is always a danger to break it, what can you say about newcomers? Got the battery and the machine crashed down, a strong wind blew and knocked the drone into the wall, lost control and banged the ball gadget on the asphalt — there are many situations after which you most likely will collect your vehicle for parts, or simply throw it in the trash. Apparently, engineers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne, located in Switzerland, not too well able to control the vehicle, just decided to make a quadcopter with a flexible and supple frame that can tolerate even very scary bumps and shocks.

Developers flexible aircraft-inspired insects. Indeed, even hit the glass or wall, little creatures much not to get upset and just continue to fly on. So the engineers created a drone frame out of thin fiberglass frames, fixed in the middle with a magnet. During the flight, he tightly holds the frame, protecting it from vibrations, but when faced «releases» flexible design, allowing it to bend in any form and thus absorb the impact. As soon as the drone fell, magnet links again design, then the machine can fly again.

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