Presented the world's first display with opacity 80%


2017-02-16 18:00:05




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Presented the world's first display with opacity 80%

Attempts to create a transparent screen for electronic devices were made already a great many, and recently, the company Japan Display Inc. unveiled its version of the device. Display the Japanese company has a transmittance of 80% and can be used in various fields: from creating Windows to devices augmented reality.

The opacity of the display of a new type almost two times higher than that of almost all similar devices introduced earlier. This was achieved thanks to new production technology. For example, the level of transparency of the liquid crystal display using the polarizer and the filter does not exceed 30%, and in class OLED displays when using these technologies it is possible to achieve transmittance of only 45%.

Such high values of the coefficient of transparency was achieved through the use of new structure of the device screen itself, in which the polarizing plate of light material and filter. The company Displays Japan still keeps secret technology, which was able to achieve such impressive results. But at the moment it is already known that the display is built on liquid crystals. For more detailed specifications, the developers promise to reveal later this year at the conference SID (The Society for Information Display), which will be held in the United States in March of this year, which will also be shown the latest at that time version device.

At the moment, the size of the prototype transparent display is 4 inches diagonally at a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels and a density of 117 dpi. Devices with such displays can be used as screens of electronic books, watches, smartphones, systems, augmented reality, billboards, shop Windows, «smart» Windows and much more.


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