Artificial intelligence won a landslide victory over the best players in poker


2017-02-02 20:00:05




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Artificial intelligence won a landslide victory over the best players in poker

At the beginning of 2017 began an unusual experiment : an artificial intelligence had to fight with the best players in the world. Despite a good AI the beginning of the experiment, the best poker players did not want to give up, but all their attempts were in vain: artificial intelligence turned out to be several «heads» living above their rivals.

He won a Landslide victory system Libratus, was developed by experts from the University Carnegie — Mellon. During the tournament «Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante», held from 11 to 30 January 2017 in Pittsburgh on the basis of Rivers casino, Libratus has played more than 120 hands in Texas hold'em and the winning amount was $ 1 766 $ 250. The number of game options when playing Texas hold ' em — more than 10 in 160 degree. To calculate this number of combinations under force far not to each computer. What can we say about a person!

The Developers Libratus Thomas Sandholm and Noam brown say they «demonstrated the possibility of creating artificial intelligence, the ability to draw conclusions and to make strategic decisions based on incomplete information, than previously thought, possessed only by men. Computer can't win in poker if he won't be able to effectively bluff. The creation of artificial intelligence that can do this, is a huge step in the field of information technology. It is likely that thanks to ability your smartphone in the near future will be able to bargain with the seller the best possible price on a new car. In addition, the system is able to self-study. After the match Libratus has produced a thorough analysis of each stage of the game, determine its effectiveness and make appropriate adjustments to their recruitment strategies. And after a while we even noticed a significant reduction in the load on our supercomputer».

One of the games of poker human vs AI Libratus

The Enormous computing power the AI has become possible through the use of a supercomputer Bridges. To work Libratus has been allocated a capacity of 600 compute nodes, the total capacity of 1.35 Pflops, which is about 8000 times higher computing power of an expensive gaming PC, and the amount of memory allocated to a neural network AI made 274 terabytes.


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