Park based on Star Wars will be similar to the interactive role-play


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Park based on Star Wars will be similar to the interactive role-play

We've that Disney is actively working on the creation of two new leisure parks, one of which is dedicated to the universe of "Avatar" by James Cameron, and the second franchise Star Wars, created . Weekend in Orlando, a conference was held Star Wars Celebration, in which fans talked about the plans for the new movies, cartoons, video games, and also about the current state of work on an amusement Park based on "Star wars".

To the surprise of many present fans and journalists, it turned out that the amusement Park will offer visitors a completely new way to dive into your favorite franchise. And no, we're talking not just about any roller coaster, or flying on the Millennium Falcon VR headset. If you believe the representatives of Disney, the Park will have zones in which visitors will be able by making decisions to influence future developments.

As an example, the creators of the theme Park resulted, for example, when visitors will have to side with either the Resistance or the organization of the First order from the film "Star wars: Episode VII". After making your selection, you will be able to pass a series of subsequent rides in his new role. You will be able to comply with the requests of both warring sides. At any time you can start to hunt space bounty hunters. All accepted visitors decisions directly impact their reputation, operating inside the Park. And that's how considered the Creator of the theme will allow people to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of his beloved kynoselen.

Many questions Remained, chief among them — how it is planned to bring all this to reality? How to transform a classic theme into a kind of realistic roleplay? Well, we have no answers, so you'll have to wait for the day when the Park will open its doors for the first visitors.


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