#video | the First teaser trailer for "Star wars: the Last Jedi"


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#video | the First teaser trailer for

So we waited for the first teaser long-awaited continuation of the new trilogy of "Star wars." The new part of the space epic is called "Star wars: the Last Jedi". Lucasfilm has revealed the teaser trailer to the public a few hours ago at the event Star Wars Celebration.

Most of the trailer is connected with the planet Ah, where the main character ray found Luke Skywalker at the end of the previous film. Judging by the video, where she will spend a lot of time in training.

In addition to ray and Luke have shown glimpses several leading characters, including Finn (who most likely is still nursing obtained in the previous part of the wound) and the pilot of Dameron, clearly caught in a "hot situation". Pleased and some beautiful footage of the shootout between the fighters of X-Wing and TIE Fighter. In General, look for yourself:

Synopsis: the Power Balance is again broken, and things are moving with incredible speed! Rey, Finn, ubiquitous droid BB-8 and the other heroes who are already familiar to the audience for the movie "Star wars: the Force awakens", will have a dangerous battle with a powerful First Order. The eighth film of the legendary space Saga "Star wars" – on all screens in December of 2017!

Recall that the new part of the trilogy "Star wars" was filmed by Rian Johnson ("looper"), and not JJ Abrams. In Russian cinemas picture will appear December 14.


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