#video | the First official trailer of the movie "roadside picnic"


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#video | the First official trailer of the movie

We are sure that among our readers there are a lot of fans . The brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky have long been considered classics of this genre, and their amazing works grew more than one generation of readers. One of the best-known work is the novel "roadside picnic", written in 1972. In the late 70's this story was screened by the film Director Andrei Tarkovsky, and in 2007 came to light, the game is actively using the ideas of the book. Now the TV production company, Sony Pictures unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming series of the same name.

The Novel "roadside picnic" tells the story of the appearance on Earth of mysterious "zones", regions within which begin to happen strange phenomena that violate the laws of physics. In these areas, people were evacuated quickly, the areas enclosed by protective fencing, and scientists have begun careful study of the anomalies. Within the zones have also been found numerous artifacts – objects do not quite understand the purpose. Some of them could be useful, for example, cure disease, and some were strange toys or even a dangerous weapon.

Right to the product of the Strugatsky brothers sold the company to Sony in 1992. In 2000, the film company Columbia Pictures announced plans to shoot the film adaptation of the novel called "After a visit", where the main role was to play John Travolta. But the project was never started, and then altogether disappeared from the database IMDB.com. Since I hadn't heard anything about the movie or possible television productions, while in 2015 there was news that the channel WGN America began work on the same series.

Unfortunately, the pilot episode of "the roadside Picnic" did not impress the producers, so the fate of the project was suspended in the air. However, the Sony Pictures TV project decided not to close, and now we can see the first trailer of the series. Premiere of the TV series will take place on the channel AMC, but the exact date is not yet known.



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