#video | All films which received the award "Oscar" for special effects


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#video | All films which received the award

26 February the 89-th award ceremony "Oscar", organized by the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences. In addition to such nominations as "Best film" or "Best Director", every year choose the best film from the point of view of visual effects. And visual effects from year to year, becoming more impressive and has already reached the stage of development, when generated on the computer the picture is almost impossible to distinguish from reality. Let us remember all the winners in this category, starting from 1927 to the present day.

The First winner of the award "Oscar" for visual effects was the film "Wings". Then the nomination was called "Engineering effects", and got it to the engineer-kinotechnika Roy Pomeroy, embodied on the screen an amazing combination of scenes of the air battles. It is possible to note the fact that at the time the Oscar winners for special effects became all three films of the original trilogy "Star wars" George Lucas and the entire trilogy of "Lord of the rings". James Cameron also was very lucky in this category, and his films regularly received prizes for contributions . Judge for yourself, "Oscar" won the film "Alien", "Abyss", "Terminator 2," "Titanic" and . Apart from myself, I would like to highlight an incredibly beautiful film "what dreams may come", which to this day impresses the work of artists.

This year for "Oscar" in the category "Best visual effects" will fight the following films: "Deep water horizon", "Doctor strange", , "Kubo. The legend of the samurai" and "the Outcast one. Star wars: History." It's amazing to see the art films at all in the history "Oscar" for the first time, but in this case, each frame is filmed on a normal camera, and every character created by talented puppeteers, so perhaps the members of the American Academy decided to equate it to a full movie.


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