The neural network "Yandex" has improved the quality of old movies about the war


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The neural network

"Victory Day — a reason to revisit old movies about the great Patriotic war. Taken in pre-digital era, they are available online but often only in low resolution. You can watch, but the quality leaves much to be desired", — said Yandex in a press release on its website. "We wondered, is it possible to fix the situation, and decided to conduct an experiment: I took a few movies and applied them to a technology that increases the resolution of images using neural networks".

Very cool.

In experiment participated seven films from the IMDb: "rainbow" by Mark Donskoy (1943), "the cranes are Flying" by Mikhail Kalatozov (1957), "my Dear man" Joseph Heifits (1958), "the Destiny of man" by Sergei Bondarchuk (1959), "Ivanovo the childhood" Andrey Tarkovsky (1962), "father of a soldier" Rezo Chkheidze (1964) and "tango of our childhood" by albert Mkrtchyan (1985).

Passed through the neural network footage films have been treated with SuperResolution technology developed at Yandex. It can process both static images and videos, eliminating the defects of digitizing and increasing the sharpness of the image. The whole treatment took place automatically: the neural network only had to teach.

Updated versions of the movies can be found on Ipopost or in the Yandex search — just enter the name of the movie. If you like the atmosphere of the old movie about the great Patriotic war is a godsend for you.

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