HiveChat — a new approach to communication from the developers


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HiveChat — a new approach to communication from the developers

With the advent of instant messengers communication has become much simpler: to respond to the other party at any time, anywhere — be it a metro train or work conference. But in such applications there is a drawback: the sides behind the avatars (and sometimes does put strange pictures), so with a live conversation, all this has nothing to do. But what if during the chat you saw your face online?

The Russian developers released the app HiveChat, called messenger which even I do not dare, because it allows you to not correspond with the avatars and pictures from the Internet and with real people: you can see in real time every emotion in your message, you can easily gesture to high-five or send "a kiss." Such an unconventional approach to communication so we caught that we could not try HiveChat.

If the usual messenger while chatting in front of you constantly open dialogue, in this application at the bottom of each conversation are displayed live avatars interlocutors. First, it is very unusual: it seems that kind of correspondence is with a smartphone, but this creates the feeling of live communication — that are right in front of the party.


Hybrid calls and messenger?

Speaking in plain language, while a text dialogue additionally, there is a continuous stream of the video stream. At first glance, this kind of video, but we all know how this type of communication has a negative impact on the smartphone battery and the amount of consumed traffic.

HiveChat all the way.

Due to the small size and bitrate "living avatars" video does not require a large amount of resources. That is, the smartphone is quickly discharged (as for calls), not heated, the connection is stable even when the mobile Internet and the bandwidth consumption is minimal. Thanks to hardware image processing avatars look good even at low connection speeds.


Group communication

Another feature of the app — live chat in the group. You can create your own group or join an existing one: office chat, the thematic group on interests, dialogue with classmates and so on. In the first case, it is sufficient to open the side menu, click "Create group", enter name and invite members. This can be done through the established messengers, and copy the link in the social network.

In Addition to chat with live avatars, HiveChat there are group video chats. Enough "wave" to him, to invite him to the whole video, as in this video chat can be 8 participants.

Another useful feature — sending the geolocation to the source. Just click the appropriate button — and you can send your location and see the location of all group members. Now more will not have questions like, "where's Sergei, why is it so long?".


And if you don't want to share his avatar?

Of Course, the situations are different, and in some cases don't want they could see you in real time. The problem is simple — click on the live avatar, and it will be replaced with static.


is This thing only for the iPhone?

No, HiveChat available for Android, but the version for this platform is slightly reduced. On iPhone to use the service is a pleasure, even do not want to once again start the regular text messenger.

To Try this app at least for two reasons: first, a fundamentally new approach to communication; second, it is available absolutely for free. You can download it via these links: ; .


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