Snapdragon PC — why and when will be released?


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Snapdragon PC — why and when will be released?

Smartphones — compact, lightweight and slim device that allows you to do much of what "able" PC. However, many smart phones have one significant drawback — located in their slim cases batteries can't go for long without charging miniature batteries. To overcome this drawback could be a return to the 2018 CES devices, which have much in common with the most productive smartphones of today.

About a year ago, users first heard about the concept "mobile personal computer" ("Cellular PC") running the operating system Windows 10, and based on ARM chipsets. In the summer of 2017 at Computex Taipei, Qualcomm gave an additional presentation about the future of computers, which she calls "Snapdragon PC", which provide a kind of "hypermobile experience", which is permanently connected to the Network thin-and-light devices — smartphones and tablets. In more detail the theme of technology, which can be translated into the most interesting products of the upcoming exhibition CES 2018, was reviewed by mark Tyson (Mark Tyson) on the resource and Surur (Surur) in the published resource note.

At Computex users have learned that mobile personal computers based on chipsets by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 can be thin and without fans, providing "even more than a day without recharging the battery" with LTE connection. Qualcomm showed a sample — a PC running Windows 10 on which to run popular applications using the x86 emulation, and it looked good.

Last week, Qualcomm held a meeting in Hong Kong, in which about the future "Snapdragon PC" became known more than before. As reported by the resource The Verge, the operating time of the device from the battery exceeded expectations in the process of testing Microsoft's new mobile PC.

The project Manager of the Windows group at Microsoft, Pete Bernard (Pete Bernard) noted that computers based on ARM chipsets that can change the rules of the game. The hours of the computer running Windows 10 without reloading surpassed all expectations, and the Vice-President of Qualcomm's global marketing product don Makhor (Don McGuire):

To be Honest, it really exceeded our expectations. We set the bar high [in front of our developers], and we now have surpassed this…

A simple example will Suffice. Watching videos from Netflix using the Wi-Fi connection, may continue with such a lightweight and thin computer to 29 hours. And only after that the computer needs the battery charging. If simultaneously enabled, and LTE, and Wi-Fi energy in the battery of the computer will be enough for a smaller, but still very impressive time — 20 hours or more. However, for comparison, a typical Surface Pro will allow you to view videos without Wi-Fi, just 9-10 hours, which means — "Snapdragon PC" escalates the computer without recharging an entirely new level.

It is Expected that personal computers running Windows 10 chipset Snapdragon 835, which became the hardware platform many of the most vivid and powerful flagship smartphones of 2017 will be shown by such well-known manufacturers of laptops like HP, Lenovo and Asus, by the time of the CES 2018, and perhaps even earlier.

This may mean that the Windows operating system, which is the most popular computer OS, you will be able to take on the mobile market an important place, which it has failed to gain as a platform for smart phones. In this context, it is important to note that, despite the official end of support for Windows Phone on the Lumia users and other Windows phones continue to receive bug fixes and security updates.

The Software giant has released a new software tool designed for corporate users of phones running Windows and connoisseurs of these devices, allowing them to upgrade to the newest version of the operating system using the cable.

Typically, the update Windows phone — whether it is device based on Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile — was carried out by the user through downloading and installing each individual update. Over time, the update of Windows phone became more time consuming and some users could prefer to do without the updates.

The OTC (Over the Cable) Updater, which is available at the web-site of Microsoft company and from there and download it, updates Windows phones that connect directly to any PC running Windows operating system on which you installed the application.

Previously, the Windows recovery tools could provide this functionality, allowing the user to jump directly to the latest update, but Microsoft has changed the functionality of the app so that it now provides recovery to the version of Windows that originally shipped with. And OTC Updater — the only way for users to upgrade immediately to the latest supported devices from their builds of Windows 10 Mobile.


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