Google knows what to do with old computers


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Google knows what to do with old computers

Rapid advances in computer technology, there are less pleasant than accompanying the progress of growth of productivity and functionality aspect. It very quickly becomes outdated, although technically could still work more than one year. Replacement of old PCs which means additional costs. Google is primarily known for its popular mobile OS Android, has invested in the technical approach that allows older computers to remain fairly modern for use.

Google, as one of the leaders of the digital industry, "found the use of" outdated PC. Computers Chromebook — great tools. They can be used for studying. These computers are running the operating system Chrome OS — lightweight and able to run on an outdated and relatively slow hardware. This reduces the cost of computer equipment, in comparison with devices based on Windows and iOS. Relatively low cost of Chromebooks make them an excellent solution for schools.

Often people are wondering about what to do with old laptops running Windows. They still work but too slow for students. It is designed for them Neverware. CloudReady from Neverware is based on the same technology as used in Chrome OS. It allows users to install a lightweight operating system on their older computers and use them further. Thus, the technology in question is actually "transforms" older Windows computer to a Chromebook. In more detail this subject was considered by Matt Adams (Matt Adams) in his post "Google invests in Neverware, a company turning old laptops into Chromebooks Windows" ("Google invests in Neverware, a company that turns old laptops into Chromebooks"), published by the resource

Now the search giant is also involved in this promising project. Neverware has recently completed a round of Series B funding with the help of Google. Exact figures are not known, but the fact of the investment by Google in the project says a lot about its importance.

Neverware will continue to work with school districts in the U.S., but now considers also the prospects of the market of software products for enterprises. This technology can be useful for small companies who cannot afford to replace old computers. As noted Neverware

«With CloudReady, organizations can reduce the overall cost of the control device, effectively scaling the growth and productivity and dramatically improving the safety — all [is] without purchasing new hardware. It teams will also have the opportunity of integration with Chrome via cloud-based Enterprise administrator console from Google, which simplifies and unifies remote management of disparate [with each other] models [computer] Park».

This technical solution may be very useful for small companies that do not have sufficient funds to replace obsolete computers.


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