The famous computer company goes to Android?


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The famous computer company goes to Android?

According to the new message, one of the leading computer companies in the world considering switching my intended primarily for enterprise Android devices. However, this will not mean a complete rejection of Windows technologies. It is not excluded that the search for the best treatment possible to combine the advantages of both platforms.

Elite X3 was, perhaps, the best device running Windows 10 Mobile, HP, buy, which, however, almost no one was willing. And the reasons are many. Among them a very high price of the device, and the orientation of the device to businesses, and even the fact that it works under Windows.

But the idea of a device that replaces the computer devices that may need, very good. And implemented it using Microsoft Continuum. The smartphone is connected via the dock, and before the user has a full desktop computer. However, according to new rumors, the company is experimenting with a far more popular mobile OS — Android, and the company's results can appear in the successor to the HP Elite X3.

Despite the fact that Windows 10 Mobile, it seems, never found a significant place in the market, many users believe that this operating system will be supported for many more years.

A New message about the future plans of one of the world's most famous computer companies came from the resource According to the message, HP will continue development of the device "three in one" suited to plants and even to keep working with Windows Mobile, but the company is "also experimenting… very heavily with Android".

A New message it's hard to call a big surprise for those who closely follow trends in high-tech industry. After all, Microsoft is very well implemented support for Android your software products, so the transition HP Elite on the popular mobile platform will not become uncomfortable solution for users of these devices.

Many of the Microsoft applications available for the Android OS, and the remote software for desktop computers from HP can run on Android as well as Windows 10 Mobile.

Of Course, Microsoft's plans Andromeda seem to be more relevant to the needs of HP, but as for Android smartphones offers a wide selection of software, the transition to this OS can be quite user-friendly solution.

If you don't count the desire, similar to that have with HP — to create a mobile solution for enterprises, other reasons to continue to try to "squeeze" Windows into a mobile form factor more, perhaps not, said Surur (Surur) on the resource MSPoweruser.

It is Assumed that the best solution from HP would be to create their own distribution of Android with support for Google Play store. In this private distribution company's services as much as possible would be brought to the front and go with virtualized Windows environment if you connect to the big screen. Because the operating system of the PC users in the first place still perceive it Windows.


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