Bitfury Group opens Russian office


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Bitfury Group opens Russian office

Bitfury Group — the largest mining company outside of China. It has several offices located in the United States, several European countries and Georgia. Valery Vavilov, the CEO, continues to develop his creation by opening new branches and engaging in innovation. Now it became known that the office of Bitfury Group, and will open in Russia. Professionals working in the Russian branch, will develop Exonum and software .

Exonum — an open framework for the development of blockchains, which will allow companies and government organizations to implement secure blockchain. Technology is assumed to be used for copyright protection and security «transparency» elections. In addition, Exonum will help translate to system services. The last function has already been successfully implemented in Georgia, where on the basis of Exonum running registration of property rights.

Software Crystal presented before by Bitfutry, designed to identify questionable and connected with criminal circles of the transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain. The full version will be launched in March this year.

Russian officials and government advisors have repeatedly put forward proposals for the introduction of the blockchain in the public services, therefore, these and other developments Bitfury Group can be quite popular on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Bitfury Group was founded in 2011 by a citizen of Latvia Valery Vavilov. Recently, Vavilov entered the list of billionaires of cryptocurrency industry from Forbes.

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