Startup Tangem will release a "smart" cryptomancer


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Startup Tangem will release a

Rapid growth in popularity makes even initially far from the topic people to pay attention to them. But to understand the diversity of the «coins» and the technologies associated with them, ordinary person is difficult. Tangem's why the startup decided to make the technology affordable by releasing a «smart» cryptomancer.

Andrew Pantyukhin, one of the founders of the company, explained that the purpose of the startup — to release the physical incarnation of Bitcoins, which can be touched. Each note will contain a special chip that contains crypto-currencies and other digital assets. The idea is that, given these «notes», people will be able to make cryptocurrency transaction simply passing notes to each other in anonymity. And yet, unlike the online transactions, the process will take place instantly.

Pantjuhin told the publication Hackermoon that, on the idea of a startup, to obtain banknotes in a special ATMs, stores and shopping networks — all in the same way as with conventional money.

Work on the bills began in 2014 when the company, with the support of chip makers, have access to the latest technologies.

Cryptobinary easy to use. All you need to do before you use — to have a wallet and read the basics of its use, but otherwise the use of such notes will not differ from the simple cash. Hack bill will be difficult, and if this can be done, the cost of the effort will significantly exceed the original value of the banknote, to the same access to other assets of the owner of an attacker using it do not get.

Now the cost of production of one banknote is around two dollars, but with the increase in turnover of cryptogenes the developers plan to reduce the cost of production to the price of ordinary paper money. Now it is small — make cryptomancer public, and this will need to enlist the support of distributors and to establish commercial relationships with the right people, which will allow millions of people to access the physical incarnation of Bitcoins.

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This sounds like a revolution in the financial sector. However, it is a new version may be improved of Bitcoin which has lately been in the news as a scam, a failure, bankrupt... So what are people out to think about Tangem is it is an incarnation or Bitcoin?? please help me understand. would a regular guy get it and use it? what about those who complain about losses the uncured with the Bitcoin scandal?

Andrew Pantyukhin

2018-02-09 в 04:08:05

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This is regular Bitcoin, but in physical form, which makes it easier for normal people to acquire it, secure it against hacks, and circulate it freely between each other without risk, fees, delays, or loss of privacy.

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