Best Russian regions for mining


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Best Russian regions for mining

Mining in Russia — it is profitable. The price per Bitcoin mined here a little more than 4700 dollars for «coin», and the climate in most regions of the country contributes to this noble occupation — in the summer in Russia is quite hot, but all up for the winter, which lasts much longer. Therefore, miners are bad can save money on cooling their farms — especially it concerns Siberia and other cold regions of the country. However, the conditions for mining in each subject of the Russian Federation vary, and the prospect of this activity depends largely on electricity prices. Tell where you can move, to bring in more money by saving on electricity.

Prices in Russia from region to region varies from one to eight roubles per kilowatt-hour, but of the 65 subjects of the Russian Federation only in three the cost of a kilowatt more than 6 rubles. Among them, the Magadan oblast, where the average price of a kilowatt of electricity is 7.26 ruble. The residents of Kamchatka are paid 8.1 rubles per kilowatt-hour, and the most expensive in this respect, the region — Chukotka Autonomous Okrug — 8.2 rubles per kWh.

The rest of the territory of the Russian Federation the established rates will start at approximately three rubles, and in some places reach up to five roubles per kilowatt-hour. So, in Dagestan over the electricity have to pay 2.41 ruble, a little more cut in the Chechen Republic — of 2.54 rubles per kW / h ahead of Chechnya Novosibirsk oblast — local residents pay for electricity consumption for a few cents less, namely of 2.49 rubles per kWh.

It is considered that the inhabitants of the regions which are located in hydro and nuclear power, and ride like cheese in oil, paying for light mere pennies to the envy of the rest of the inhabitants of our vast country, but it is not so. For example, the average tariff in the Tomsk region is 3.25, although the Tomsk and a number of other neighboring settlements located in thirty-kilometer zone from Seversk NPP. And in the Seversk single base rate practically does not differ from Tomsk.

Just feel Freer mining-farm on the territory of Irkutsk region and Republic of Khakassia. Moreover, the climate in these two regions the most suitable for mining cryptocurrency, and the price per kilowatt is just fabulous: residents of the Irkutsk region are paid an average of 1.01 rubles per kilowatt-hour, and in the Republic of Khakassia for the same unit of electricity local «sales» takes 1.99 ruble.

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of some regions pay for electricity is substantially more than any other mine in Russia with the current exchange rate of Bitcoin is quite profitable. The country is considered to be quite favorable for this kind of activity, especially in many other countries.

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