Began selling Wi-Fi to the mining function


2017-11-01 19:00:05




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While a Chinese home appliance manufacturer to begin the production of home electronics with function , other Chinese comrades from Bitmain have already began to produce here such Wi-Fi routers, are able slowly but surely to get his master cryptocurrency Litecoin and other coins on the Scrypt algorithm.

Features AntRouter R1-LTC can not be called outstanding: 802.11 g/n, 2.4 G, data rate up to 150Mbps — all as other not too fancy models. But its main feature is not in it, a chip for mining, which slowly gives 1.29 MH/s. Yes, a little. Yes, for a month this router could earn a dollar and a half, but it costs only $ 59, not $ 1,700 as, for example, the same !

The Investment will be recouped in just three years and can be a loyal ally or a gag gift with a surprise: you need to configure it for mining in SOLO, and then just wait. If suddenly the router will find the solution to block, the profits of the owner will be 25 LTC, or $ 1,500. So here is a nice lottery ticket.

The Router works fine with any pool and has a simple and intuitive interface where everything can be customized independently. The Internet, judging by the reviews, it also catches perfectly, and not so much.


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