What Zcoin? The key benefits, differences from other coins and prospects of the project


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What Zcoin? The key benefits, differences from other coins and prospects of the project

Bitcoin does a lot of advantages. Cryptocurrency allows you to send millions of dollars available to work weekends and not subject to blocking by governments. However, there is one inconvenience: the data about the transaction is stored in open access. This means that the anonymity here is not real, and it can easily disrupt the global corporations and other stakeholders. Problem solves Zcoin — the first complete implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol. Get acquainted with the coin and its benefits.


What is Zcoin (XZC)

Zcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency with a focus on anonymity and privacy. The project started on 28 September 2016, the leader is Paramin Ince. Public release testnet took place on 18 December 2015. In the initial stages the project was called Moneta.

The basis of the Zcoin went to the Zerocoin Protocol, created by Matthew green, Professor at Johns Hopkins University. In development also involved his graduate students — Yang Miers and Christina Garman.

A Cryptographic Protocol was supposed to be an extension of Bitcoin and allow for completely anonymous transactions. Alas, to reach consensus on the implementation failed. As a result, in September 2016 implemented as a separate full-featured cryptocurrency — Zcoin.


the Main differences Zcoin

The project is based or a zero-knowledge proof. Is a Protocol that allows one of the parties of the interaction to verify the correctness of the statements without the information from the second party to the process. Users can send and receive coins, while they do not need to disclose the specific coins that they own.

The Result is achieved through cycles of flaring and mintinga (created) coins. The process guarantees the absence of any information about user activity. Take a closer look.


Mintinga Zcoin — how it works

For the anonymize users burn their Zcoin for the sake of Zerocoin. The Commission is 0.01 XZC per transaction. Zerocoin new, so tracking their activity does not work.

The Developers have also introduced a limited denomination: entity Zerocoin is possible only in blocks of 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100 coins. In the future, the team plans to add the ability to create 1000 coins in a single operation. It looks like this.

Source: coinbureau

The Solution to cool. Otherwise, the user could amintiti, for example, 666 coins and get in the view of detractors. Now it is impossible — transactions too much so to go on to something fail.

Source: coinbureau

The New Zerocoin will be used only after 70 minutes after mintinga. When spending Zerocoin converted back to Zcoin after checking through the proof with zero disclosure. Every new coin does not contain information about the old transactions.


Anonymity Zcoin in detail

A Few words about the proof with zero disclosure. In cryptography this term lies the possibility of one side to prove to the other that the first knows the value x. In this case no other data is revealed — the first group that knows the value.

Illustration from life. To understand the term in the example is simple, take Gmail. We know the password and want to prove it to a friend. This does not necessarily reveal the combination — just log into the account without showing any data. The important fact authorization.

In the case of Zcoin Protocol zero-knowledge proof proves the rightful ownership is sent by the user coins. No one knows their source.

How does Zerocoin

During mintinga Zerocoin coin Zcoin destroyed. In the process the Zerocoin Protocol generates a random number "R" and a secret number "s". Indicators are used in cryptographic functions to generate the value "V", which is now bound to the user.

The"V" is sent to the blockchain to prevent changes in the future. The value of the available for viewing to any interested person, as well as the "V" of other network members.

Now for spending R Zerocoin Protocol confirms the conformity of the values of R public value V. the Proof with zero disclosure demonstrates that there is a value V, which is suitable R user, but does not name him. It allows you to spend Zerocoin without disclosing the sources of the coins.


the Algorithm for mining Zcoin

Now Zcoin uses an algorithm of mining Lyra2z, but soon it will replace the Merkle Tree Proof (MTP). The task of the new algorithm to further protect the network from intruders. The update will take place after the hard forks 10 Dec. Over the same span of starts . By the way, soon, also waiting .


What is Znode

Znode — masternode network Zcoin. Beneath the surface, the nodes in the network of cryptocurrencies that contain a complete copy of the blockchain and help to carry out the transaction. As a reward they get a fixed 30 percent of new coins. At current settings is 15 XZC for each block.

To start masternode need 1000 coins. The intricacies of the setup described . To buy a share or the whole of masternode without further details, traditionally allows .


Where to buy Zcoin

According to the draft, the coin is trading for at least twenty exchanges. Of the most popular — Binance, Huobi, Bittrex and UPbit. Also have Cryptopia, with which we are already .

Source: Zcoin.io


Wallet for Zcoin

The coin has the official wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Also supported Electrum Light Wallet, and also plenty of other options for smartphones. All of themare .

Source: Zcoin


the Prospects for Zcoin. Of course we are

The coin is Now trading at $ 7. Peak price is 132 dollars 26 December 2017 in the capitalization 496 million. Today the index is in the range of $ 40 million.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Coinswitch Analysts predict the growth rate of the coin. In August of the following year, the price XZC supposedly will increase to $ 30, 2021 — up to 82 dollars. Finally, the end of the summer of 2025 should end at 124 dollars. The forecast is quite modest, but looks good. By the way, the percentage of return on investment in masternode also not three digits, which adds confidence to the investors.

Source: CoinSwitch



Zcoin is a promising project for fans of anonymity. The solution is not unique: at least there is Monero, Komodo and zcash for that you mine at . However, the Zcoin strong team that performs the intended in the map development plans.

By the way, there are many interesting solutions for the future, so look forward to consolidate the coins at a higher level in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies. Now XZC is in the eighties CoinMarketCap.


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