From the Play Store is missing the crypto BitPay. Who is to blame?


2018-09-15 00:15:06




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The Recent decision by Google was a real surprise for cryptocommunist company removed the BitPay app from Play Store. One of the most popular cryptocell disappeared from Google without any notification. About it writes .


Fight with cryptocurrencies continues

Up To this point, the team BitPay has not yet made official statements about the possible maintenance works or upgrade its own infrastructure. It is difficult to judge, the result of whose hands was the missing app from the Play Store.

In the cached version of Google left downloads statistics BitPay and the average rating that users exhibited. As long as they had not received any complaints of break-ins or disappearance of funds from the wallet. However, BitPay's reputation is not impeccable. Recently, the Latvian airline airBaltic from service due to poor processing large numbers of transactions.

BitPay isn't the only app mysteriously disappeared from the list Play Store. Previously, the platform has delistyle wallet and Copay. In the discussion thread on Reddit BCH Roger Ver has mentioned that Google could make the missing apps for hidden miners.

from discussion .

Other users even considered a course of intentional movement against Bitcoin Cash. However, to obtain BitPay is still possible on other platforms is the app available in the App Store.

What kind of wallet do you use? The choice is discussed .


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