New breakthrough: how did the design of sharding in Ethereum


2018-09-14 19:30:06




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has become one step closer to sharding. This convinced Vlad Zamfir, who announced the successful development of the idea of a proof of concept (Proof-of-concept) during the hackathon EthBerlin this week.

Zamfir together with several developers showed the code describing the behavior of different shards on the Ethereum blockchain. In an interview with Zamfir said that the concept of the code is still far from the final product, but it will serve as a Foundation for future developments.


the Prospects of investment in Ethereum

Why the code Zamfira so important? In simple words, the developer for the first time could form in theory and in practice, the transfer of coins on the Ethereum blockchain after sharding. In the long run it will pave the way for a virtually infinite expansion of the cryptocurrencies with a huge number of transactions per second.

We are still working on the integration code. After a couple of weeks will be published instructions for the self-start the process on your own computer.

Proof-of-Concept was not developed at the hackathon. According to Zamfir, most of the work he has done even before writing the code itself.

The Specification was previously approved at 100 percent. I have not held any research on the hackathon and just put everything together.

However, the proof of concept does not solve any serious problems or tasks. Developers still need to study the system of transmission of the commissions and ways to transactions and messages from one shard to another. The publication of the code is educational in nature, now every programmer can familiarize themselves with the improvements in the Ethereum Github.


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