John McAfee: the growth of Bitcoin prices up to one million dollars — a question of time


2018-09-14 03:45:06




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During the conference CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise journalists managed to get an exclusive interview with John McAfee. The millionaire shared his thoughts on the state of the stock market and the profitability of Bitcoin mining.


When will cost one million dollars

McAfee began the interview with a story about the right balance of temperature, Hasrat, complexity and energy consumption. Experience in mining Bitcoin millionaire purchased during a cooperation with the mining company MGT Capital.

As a major miner I own experience in the growth of demand for Bitcoin. None of the products or assets with desperate buyers cannot depreciate.

Recall that before the new block reward for cryptocurrencies remained not so much time. According to McAfee, cuts the amount of mined coins can become a major catalyst for the astronomical growth of the crypts.

Why don't we look at the last bitcoin? One coin will produce thousands of miners. How much will it cost? Perhaps billions of dollars, because the math doesn't lie. The growth of Bitcoin prices up to one million dollars — a question of time.

However, while other analysts do not see on the horizon any positive developments. The sharp fall of the stock market in the first week of September may be . However, McAfee has their own recipe for survival in a bear market.

Do Not succumb to provocations, do not stray off course and holtite your coins. In the world, almost no one made a fortune on the shorts.

Earlier, John McAfee was quite a large scandal. The famous millionaire even under the scope of SEC for dubious ICO.

What are the forecasts for the exchange rate of the PTS give you? Share them in .


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