The crypt is something to strive for: 6 Fiat currencies, which lived for three months


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Cryptonatica, officials and bankers repeatedly predicted the cryptocurrency a bad end. The timing in their forecasts differ, but they agree on one thing — Bitcoin will fall to zero, and investors will be left with nothing. As incredible as it may sound, in the history of the few examples of completely debased currency. It is Fiat money, which failed due to hyperinflation.


Yugoslav Dinar 1994

It hyperinflation occurred a month after release. The Central Bank of Yugoslavia, which included Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia initially issued notes in denominations of 1,5 and 10 dinars, and in less than 10 days — 50, 100, 500 and 1000. This denomination was the fifth in a row for a few years, but the fastest.


Hungarian Bilinga

Two of the Hungarian national currency made the list is evidence that even the national currency is not as durable as one might think. Bilinga, was released after the Second world war in 1946. Then Hungary suffered hyperinflation and a new national currency lasted only 1.5 months. It got to the point that one bilingo cost a trillion PENGO. Only after that he was taken out of circulation.


Hungarian plenge

One of the successors of bilingo, which also collapsed shortly after the release. Both currencies were introduced in 1946 and well illustrate the state of the Hungarian economy after the war — the second coin only lasted two months.


German gold mark

Gold mark was a stable currency for more than 40 years, however, active procurement of foreign currencies, which began in August, 1921, marked the beginning of the end for coins. Some time later, the situation is so deteriorated that Germany could not pay reparations after the First world war, but the bills 50 000 000 000 000 commonplace.


Dinar of the Republic of Serbian Krajina

Currency, introduced in the former breakaway Republic of Serbia in 1993, kept afloat only three months. The coin was subjected to severe hyperinflation, and then was replaced by Croatian kunai after the annexation of the territory in 1995.


Yugoslav October Dinar

The countries of Eastern Europe have a similar story when it comes to national currencies. The October Dinar, which was preceded by Dinara 1994, lasted three months and the maximum face value of bills of currency was 500 billion Dinar.


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