What is the main advantage of the QR code in the world of cryptocurrency? Expert's answer


2018-09-13 08:15:07




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During the conference the CEO of Blockchain Cruise BTCC Bobby Lee spoke about the benefits of QR code for Bitcoin. According to Lee, the code gives a great opportunity to quickly raise funds in cryptocurrency. About it writes .

How easy it is to get a lot of bitcoins

The Public key or the address of a wallet is a long combination of letters and numbers, which is quite hard to remember. But thanks to a QR code to send bitcoins to any wallet address is just a few seconds. So much easier to send the cryptocurrency, or to sacrifice her for the benefit of the needy.

A QR code is much better than long strings of characters. I can even encode your private key to send a code to charity. Those who are interested in it, you can simply scan the QR code and get a wallet with a small amount of cryptocurrency.

Li pointed out that Bitcoin is «money in the cloud».

You Know, with all these blocks of coins are not stored somewhere in a certain place. Private key — only address by which to access them. I really wonder what the development of the blockchain will come in the future.

The CEO of BTCC pointed to the need to declare relatively large sums of money at border crossings. People can't just carry more than 10 000 dollars to another country.

For example, I flew to Barcelona by plane. I have a 100, 1000 or 10,000? Nobody knows, because my money in the cryptocurrency.

With Bitcoin there is no need to tell someone about their income and to obtain permission to own their own money. In the future, the cryptocurrency may provide the necessary freedom to the citizen of each country.

By the Way, all future cryptomelane going in our . Are you already there?


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