VIVO. Characteristics of the coins, setting masternode on Windows and its profitability


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Masternode slowly taking over the world. Especially the theme started to gain momentum after the statement Vitalik Buterin on their cost reduction in the network of Ethereum. The launch will cost , not 1500 ETH. One of the most popular coins for masternode is VIVO. Today with it and face it.

Buy masternode or shares in them to recommend . The service operation is fully automated: start, payments and other processes take place immediately and without problems. Supported coins: GoByte, VIVO, $PAC, Zcoin, PIVX, SmartCash. To do the settings and worry about the clock work of your server in this case is not necessary.


Features VIVO

VIVO is a relatively . The coin appeared in September 2017. It combines algorithms for Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. This means that for confirmation of a transaction answer as miners and masternode.

Their reward is divided equally. One of the key features of the coin is resistance to ASIC miners. The emergence of network devices by type, you can even not to wait.


Course VIVO. Coin purses

Today, the coin is about 20 cents. Capitalization is 497 thousand dollars, the trading volume for the last day — a little more than 1.5 thousand dollars. Basically, VIVO sold on Cryptopia. Instructions for use of this exchange and purchase coins, read .

The Peak rate of in VIVO 16.14 dollar recorded on January 13. Then followed a gradual decline.

The VIVO has Wallets for Windows and Linux. The first is available for 32-and 64-bit systems and respectively. Version for Linux download .


the Profitability of masternode VIVO

Today, ROI masternode VIVO is 82,65%. This means that the work of masternode of 1000 coins per year will bring additional 826 VIVO. On the day the amount is equivalent to 46 cents in a month — almost 14 dollars. It is important to understand that with the increase of rate will rise and reward in dollars.

If your share of masternode is, for example, 300 coins, the profit will be 14 cents per day, $ 4 per month and 50 a year.


What is good about VIVO? The answer experts

Mikhail Korolev, CEO :

Network VIVO is still green, has been working since September of last year. The coin is not even close included in the first hundred of the world ranking of cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap version, so appreciate the efforts of developers quite difficult. Network and masternode they launched and made it quite professionally. But then the team lost access to their website and now it is starting all over again. We talked with them and have not received even a clear timetable for the establishment of a new site. Well, the network is functioning. Investment is risky, but can easily pay off.

Gleb Shirshov, COO :

VIVO is the debut coin project 2Masternodes. We chose it in advance, and there were several reasons. Firstly, in VIVO a small start up cost. This guaranteed the absence of problems during the tests and allowed users to purchase whole masternode. Second, the price of the cryptocurrency since mid-March remained relatively flat. Hence the payments, which in principle can be called stable. VIVO characterize as the best coin for the first steps of users in this field.

Grigory Pasechnik, chief editor :

VIVO is noteworthy. The developers split the reward equally: half given to the miners and the second — masternode. In addition, attracted by the ROI. The ROI at the time of launch was about 100 percent a year. Since then, our team launched as many as 212 masternode VIVO, and a decent ROI equal to 80 percent. The choice is justified.

How to set masternode VIVO. Step-by-step guide

Run masternode — dreary affair. For work do a couple of things, and strictly follow the instructions. For the sake of convenience, we have divided it into paragraphs and don't forget the screenshots.


Step one

Go to the desktop and create a folder called VIVO. Then download the latest version of wallet for Windows in VIVO . Just there are two versions of the purse — for 32 - bit and 64-bit systems. They are archives and respectively. If the number slipped my mind, remember it in the computer properties.

The download file size of about 23 megabytes, unpack the archive and move the file vivo-qt.exe in VIVO, the folder that we created in the beginning.


Step two

Run the wallet file in VIVO and enter the path to save the data. It is advisable to remember, since private keys will be stored there.

Studying the interface. In the lower right corner of the program see the status message synchronization with the network. If problems occur, the application displays the words "No Block Source Available". In this case, just restart your wallet as long as synchronization is not adjusted.

However, if the problems are regular, try to edit the configuration file (. vivo.conf) and restart the wallet. In the end, the settings should resemble the following.



Step three

Go to the menu tools (Tools) and find the debug console (Debug Console).


Step four

In the console window enter the command getaccountaddress 0 and copy the result. This is the address of the Deposit, masternode where we will store the coins for running masternode. It must send exactly 1,000 VIVO. No more and no less.

Eventually see the following message.


Step five

Find the tools (Tools) tab "Open configuration file" wallet (Open Wallet Configuration File).

The edited it in Notepad and add twothe following lines.


In the console of the debug, enter the command masternode genkey and copy the resulting combination. This is a private key masternode.

Then go back to Notepad and paste it after the “masternodeprivkey=”. Save the file and close it.


Step six

Close the wallet. The Combination Of File-Exit.


Step seven

Run the file vivo-qt.exe and open the wallet. In the further open it is the only way.


Step eight

Again open the debug console and enter the command masternode start.

In return we get happy "Masternode started successfully". Congratulations, masternode running.


Step nine

Go to settings (settings) and select the tab Wallet (Wallet). Click the box next to "Show Masternodes Tab" and click OK.

Now see the tab with our masternode. New shows in the list with the status PRE_ENABLE. Soon it will change to ENABLED — you just need to wait. The network requires some time and blocks for defining new masternode. After the change of status starts the job, rewards and other amenities.

The Final step is to install the Sentinel. The process is described in detail .

How to make money on masternode. A simplified method

Images of calculators in the beginning of the article is a component of the service . Platform allows you to buy an entire masternode or part of it. Available coins: GoByte, DeviantCoin, Bitcoin Green, PIVX, SmartCash, $PAC, Zcoin and VIVO.

The Service takes a 10 percent Commission from the payment of masternode. operates fully automatically: masternode run immediately after it is typed in the desired amount. On investments and new masternode reports smart the bot is .

You don't need to be online to work masternode. By the way, each of masternode is a separate micro-server, which cannot be accessed from online. This ensures the security of funds.

Has been With us for 1181 424 and the user running masternode. The total amount of payments exceeds 32 thousand dollars. And all this before the release of the beta status. We are waiting for you .


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